There is now plenty of attitudes to packaging. Some believe that packaging is a product personality, while others say it is a kind of support. Some people value reliability, while others seek an emotional comfort. For some, packaging is a complete visualization, the possibility to receive information, for others it means understatement and a certain mystery. Some packaging will serve its purpose and disappear forever; the other will be stored for years, live the life of its owners, and passed down to generations.

If a gift packaging produces the emotions towards your relatives, friends, acquaintances, the branded packaging carries a corporate spirit, mission, style, and image, expressing an equally complex range of feelings towards its customers, partners, and staff.

Moreover, whether they create the packaging to sell a product, advertise, store or present it, its primary task is to touch the people at the fine fibers of their hearts, give the enjoyment, emotions and be one of the components of human life, connecting his material and spiritual world.

Furthermore, the environmentally correct packaging has become an integral part of the everyday life with a developing culture of environmental responsibility. The modern buyer makes his conscious choice between a plastic bag and a kraft paper bag in favor of the latter, realizing that this type of material will not do any harm to either animals or humans and it can be recycled and reused. The NEW PACK also contributes to eco-education. Kraft paper bags under The NEW PACK Private Label Brand largely bear the FSC logo (Forest Stewardship Council), which is essentially a quality mark, a symbol of a responsible attitude to the environment.

The advertisement on logo paper bags is universal and inexpensive. Today, we use the durable and environmentally friendly paper bags both as packaging containers and as an excellent advertising medium. The logo paper bags provide an extensive advertising space on which you can place an advertisement, company contact information, vibrant and creative images using monochrome or color printing.
Manufacturing of kraft paper bags (cut upper edge) on an automatic assembly line. A distinctive feature of this type of packages is that the top edge of the package is not folded inside. This bag model can have paper twine twisted handles or be without handles. Paper twine twisted handles are available in several colors. A wide range of sizes allows you to choose the bag parameters for almost any purpose and task.
Paper-laminated bags with rope handles and attractive design are great for wrapping gifts and shopping. They are excellent in their qualities strength, reliability and durability. Such bag can bear loads up to 10 kg. In addition, the lamination layer allows protecting the package from any light mechanical damages and dirt. Laminated bags ensure the additional strength, and have a more presentable appearance; they do not tear at the folds, as well.
A kraft bag is an ideal type of packaging for a bottle. A paper bag made of kraft paper can bear a load up to 10 kg. In addition, kraft packages are subject to simple and quick disposal and do not harm the environment. The New Pack offers some ready-made standard-sized paper bags, as well as adjusts the size range to customers' demands.
Kraft paper bags are gaining popularity as a gift-wrapping. Bright imaginative design looks great both on white kraft paper, and on the natural kraft. Moreover, the handles need not be in the form of a bright ribbon or cord. Red, black, white, yellow or natural (brown) twisted twine will become a logical bright accent of your gift bag. You can choose packages with a ready-made design for a gift for any occasion in the NEW PACK online store.