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Paper filler consists of small paper chips made from corrugated paper. It comes in different densities and sizes, depending on requirements of the customer. They use it as a filler for boxes. Gift paper fillers are harmless as they are manufactured from recycled paper. The paper itself is an eco-friendly material, in contrast to a bubble wrap, for example.

The protection of the transported product is the main function of paper fillers. Paper fillers for the gifts protect fragile items during their transportation. They are used to pack dishes, antiques, bottles of alcohol, and other fragile items. Therefore, they will be fixed in the box and delivered to the addressee intact.

The paper filler for gifts will impart necessary decorative effect to the gifts, as the chips can be of different types and colors. You can use them to decorate a gift box. When somebody opens such box, your gift will look exclusive. Use filler to pack gifts if there is empty space left in the box - this will be an original solution.

In addition, they use paper filler in floristry, delivery of soft fruits, cosmetics and baby products. Since the paper is a completely eco-friendly material, it fills stuffed animals and birds, baby dolls and cushions.

The filler for gift boxes is very light, so it is easy to work with and it will not make the item heavier, which is important for the carriage by a transport company or delivery by mail.


You can order the paper filler from us, a packing consists of 50 packs, and each weighing 0.05 kg. We ship to the regions by a transport company. Delivery to the carrier is 700 rubles. If you have ordered goods worth more than 15,000 roubles, delivery is free.

The paper filler is even easier to buy In Moscow and the Moscow region. We deliver goods in Moscow for 700 rubles, and you will pay 20 rubles for each kilometer in the region. In addition, when your order cost is 15.000 roubles and above, we deliver goods on free of charge basis.

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