Kraft paper bags (folded over edge)

The advertisement on logo paper bags is universal and inexpensive. Today, we use the durable and environmentally friendly paper bags both as packaging containers and as an excellent advertising medium. The logo paper bags provide an extensive advertising space on which you can place an advertisement, company contact information, vibrant and creative images using monochrome or color printing. Logo branded bags are the advertisement for your company or its products.

The key advantage of this type of advertising packaging is that the consumer will be able to use a paper bag in future, which means that your advertisement will constantly catch his eye and remain in his memory.

When you are going to order any logo paper bags, you should carefully choose their manufacturer - this will ensure a long service life and excellent image quality. The NEW PACK has been manufacturing paper bags for many years. It has a modern material base for the kraft packaging production and uses only high-quality raw materials.

In addition, our team consists of experienced designers who can develop a memorable advertising packaging for your company. A flexible pricing policy of the NEW PACK will be the key to our long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation! Paper bags with logo and their advantages.

Kraft logo packages have a number of unquestionable advantages, and namely the durability, strength and tear resistance. That is why such a container is suitable not only for lightweight goods packaging, but also for quite weighty items.

Such bags are eco-friendly, therefore suitable for packaging of food and cosmetics. The cost of paper bags and the possibility of applying any advertising information make them the most popular type of packaging. You can order cheap paper bags with a logo in our company.

Today, the main customers of logo paper bags are:
- supermarkets;
- pastry shops;
- toys, souvenirs, clothe and shoe stores;
- coffee houses and restaurants;
- cosmetics and perfumery salons;
- wine boutiques;
- companies scheduling some large-scale advertising campaigns in anticipation of presentations, exhibitions, fairs and tastings.

Make an order for logo paper bags in the NEW PACK. You will be able to choose the size and design of the package, and the advertisement images application techniques. If you are limited in funds, our experts will try to find the optimal product parameters that will satisfy you in terms of price and quality.

Standart paper bags dimensions, cm (WxHxD) Price, rub/piece (incl. VAT)
50 000 20 000 10 000 6 000 5 000 4 000 3 000 2 000 1 000
25,35 25,86 26,70 27,55 30,85 37,55
27,5x33x12 26,28 26,75 27,65 28,55 32,10 38,70
32x32x15 27,10 27,55 28,45 29,35 32,65 39,60
28,45 28,95 29,90 30,85 34,40 41,55

*including printing, applicable to brown krart paper, twisted paper cord handles. Excluding transportation. Not to be considered as public offer.

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