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Wrapping paper is an excellent and inexpensive option for decorating gifts, bouquets, foodstuffs and other products, depending on your imagination. We offer you a wide range of wrapping kraft paper at a low price. We deliver paper in rolls; the materials are always available in our warehouse, so you will not have to wait long. Another reason to order from us is the fast delivery.

Types of wrapping paper.

Have you been wondering where to buy kraft paper in Moscow? Check out our catalog. We offer the following goods:

— - Natural kraft. Original material with a natural brown color. It comes in packs of 20 rolls in each. One such roll contains six sheets of natural kraft.

— - White kraft. This is a brightened white wrapping paper. Great for printing with patterns and ornaments. Comes in packs of 20 rolls. Each roll contains six sheets.

Each type presented has such positive qualities as durability, long lifetime and practicality. With these materials, you can arrange flower bouquets and any other gifts to make their presentation more effective and enjoyable for the recipient.

The wrapping paper is well suited for temporary storage and gifts of confectionery, baking, and other food products.

Wrapping paper in rolls, which you can buy at such price only with us, is popular not only among private buyers, but also among companies. Paper with logo or brand printing becomes a carrier of advertising information, it is possible to wrap the company's products in it and attract the attention of customers. Many shops, boutiques, pastry stores and other representatives of the business sector use such paper already.

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