Automatic Assembly line

2 March 2024 03:00 Просмотров:

THE NEW PARK Company has launched a new automatic production line for Kraft paper bags without fold. The machine packs the bags with handles made of twine. The material density is between 80 and 150 g/m2. The bags dimensions range:
-Height from 220 mm to 540 mm;
-Width from 290 mm to 580 mm;
-Depth from 80 mm to 250 mm.

Kraft paper is a durable material made of Russian, Finnish and Swedish wood. Kraft is an eco-friendly, well ventilated, moisture absorbing material that prevents dehydration of contents and allows increasing the shelf life of goods as the packed production adapts better to fluctuations of temperature and humidity, especially compared to synthetic packing materials. Natural Kraft paper bags can be completely recycled as they do not contain any laminated coating, and thus the recycling process is eco-friendly. ECO products become popular among modern Russian companies.
The logo on Kraft paper bags made of natural materials shall be a guarantee of respect to the world’s ecology, a sign of contributing to its improvement and an indicator of the company maturity. The variety of Kraft paper design facilitates the implementation of original and bright ideas, varying colors, size and density. You get a double benefit: care for the environment and the consumer. THE NEW PARK is a wise attitude to the future!