Компания Нью Пак предлагает клиентам новую удобную услугу
Нью Пак предлагает клиентам новую удобную услугу: печать макетов в один/два цвета на готовых пакетах как с подворотом, так и без подворота верхнего края. Услуга по праву является прекрасным решением, в ситуации когда необходимо брендировать небольшие тиражи бумажных пакетов. Наши менеджеры оперативно сделают для Вас расчет стоимости и сроков изготовления. Ждем Вас.
08 September 2020
Organic Shop is organic in everything, even in packaging.
A bag with top folding flap is the most optimal packaging for cosmetic brands. More and more cosmetic companies are began using to such packages. This package is 80% recycled materials, suitable for 100% recycling and reuse.
19 March 2020
Wise attitude to the future © ... legally.
The name New Pack® is now a registered trademark and, along with the slogan “Wise attitude the future ©,” can be used and replicated only with the permission of the company owner of New Pack LLC. Both trademarks are placed on most of the company's products - Kraft paper bags made of white and natural paper. New Pack® Company has been manufacturing kraft bags since 2006 and is one of the leaders in the production of bags.
30 January 2020
Kraft bag "Chinese New Year"
The period of the New Year holidays was completed, but for those who like to give presents it hasn’t finished. January 25, the world celebrates the beginning of the New Year on the Chinese calendar. Is this not the best reason for those who did not have time to congratulate colleagues and friends with the New Year, give gifts? Kraft bag, of course, should also be festive and preferably thematic. New Pack Company has released on such an occasion gift craft bags with suitable symbols. Stylish white twisted paper cord gracefully complement the vibrant design layout, offset printing on white kraft paper. The package size 27.5x33x12 cm is universal for any kind of gifts.
22 January 2020
New Pack in the hands of Sobchak
Media stars, of course, also use environmental packaging in their daily lives. Periodically, the packaging itself becomes the hero of the gossip column. Here is a package of white Kraft paper produced by New Pack with red handles made of twisted paper twine lit up in the hands of Ksenia Sobchak in the Yandex integration.
09 January 2020