A distinctive feature of this type of package is that the handle modules are glued directly to the upper edge of the bag from inside. Paper twine twisted handles are available in several colors.

The advertisement on logo paper bags is universal and inexpensive. Today, we use the durable and eco-friendly paper bags both as packaging containers and as an excellent advertising medium. The logo paper bags provide an extensive advertising space on which you can place an advertisement, company contact information, vibrant and creative images using monochrome or color printing. Logo branded bags are the advertisement for your company or its products.

The key advantage of this type of advertising packaging is that the consumer will be able to use a paper bag in future, which means that your advertisement will constantly catch his eye and remain in his memory.

When you are going to order any logo paper bags, you should carefully choose their manufacturer - this will ensure a long service life and excellent image quality. The NEW PACK has been manufacturing paper bags for many years.

Standart paper bags size, cm (WxHxD)
Price, rub/piece (incl. VAT)
over 50 000 piece 50 000 30 000 20 000 10 000
5,90 6,10 6,40 7,10
26x32x12 6,75 6,95 7,25 8,10
32x40x15 7,75 8,10 8,40 9,40
34x30x20 7,80 8,10 8,45 9,55
44x45x15 8,95 9,25 9,70 10,75
52x53x20 9,95 10,35 10,80 12,10

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