Kraft paper bags with folded edge

Manufacturing of kraft paper bags (cut upper edge) on an automatic assembly line.

A distinctive feature of this type of packages is that the top edge of the package is not folded inside. This bag model can have paper twine twisted handles or be without handles. Paper twine twisted handles are available in several colors. A wide range of sizes allows you to choose the bag parameters for almost any purpose and task.

Standart paper bags size, cm (WxHxD) Price, rub/piece (incl. VAT)
over 50 000 piece 50 000 30 000 20 000 10 000
5,90 6,10 6,40 7,10
26x32x12 6,75 6,95 7,25 8,10
32x40x15 7,75 8,10 8,40 9,40
34x30x20 7,80 8,10 8,45 9,55
44x45x15 8,95 9,25 9,70 10,75
52x53x20 9,95 10,35 10,80 12,10

*excluding printing, applicable to brown krart paper (65 gpsm), twisted paper cord handles. Excluding transportation. Not to be considered as public offer.

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